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Scheduling a Visit to Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem

We enjoy having visitors and welcome your visit during Sunday Worship or another time during the week.

  • Groups and individuals are welcome to attend worship on Sundays at Scheduling a Visit to Christmas Lutheran Church. We provide Bulletins with English transliteration to make sure visitors follow up during the service. Please make sure to send us a note in advance about your visit so that we are prepared.
  • For an individual or family consultation with the pastor please send us a note or call the church to schedule a visit. 972-02-2742312.
  • For group visits during the week, please let us know as soon as you make your plans to visit Bethlehem so we can help make the most of your time here. Special presentations can be arranged with local Pastors, Leaders and Community Members. We appreciate your donation to help defray the cost and contribute to the growth of the Church in the Holy Land. Please includes dates and your desired activities when you send us a message.
  • Learn more about visiting Bethlehem at
Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem on Sunday June 4, 2017. Photo by Ben Gray / ELCJHL