About Christmas Lutheran Church

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The Evangelical Christmas Lutheran Church is a small and thriving congregation of around 200 Palestinian Christians located on the edge of the Old City of Bethlehem. Approximately two-thirds of our members are refugees. Christmas Lutheran is led by the Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, who began serving as pastor on June 4, 2017.

The congregation takes its location in Bethlehem, where Word became Flesh, seriously. Incarnational and contextual theology are foundational in the lives of Christians living in Bethlehem. The Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem seeks to empower local expressions of the gospel – in theology, in culture, in community, and in education.

Christmas Lutheran ChurchWorship at Christmas Lutheran Church

Each Sunday, the congregation meets for worship at 10:30am. Our primary worship language is Arabic, the language of our people. Bulletins are available with English translations for our international visitors. Each Sunday worshippers from Bethlehem and around the world gather for worship in the sanctuary.

The beautiful stained glass windows in the sanctuary are original to the building. They were built by the Emperor Stained Glass Factory in Germany, and have survived damage to the church in 1967 and in 2002. To learn more about the stained glass windows, and the history of the building, please visit our History section.

Congregational Life

Rev Munther Iassc

The congregation is active year-round, through all the weeks and seasons of the Church Year. Programs and gatherings include Sunday School and Youth Programs, Bible Studies and Christian Education, Social Gatherings, Special Events, and Retreats. Each year a theme is chosen by the Church Elders, and a plan for the year is formed to encompass all members.