The Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church / كنيسة الميلاد الإنجيلية اللوثرية
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Welcome to worship service in English!

Every 1st Friday of the month at 4:00PM we are organizing meeting for our English- speaking community here in Bethlehem, all are welcome!

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Saturday, 18 January 2014 22:28

"Faith in the Face of Empire"- the newest book by Rev.Dr. Mitri Raheb

The book presents a new reading of the bible from the perspective of the “people of Palestine”. The history of Palestine, ancient and modern, is seen as a continuous history with diverse and unique contexts and yet recurring patterns. A wide lens is introduced, where one can look at history over a longer period and as a continuum. The "Sacred" Story is introduced as a response to the "secular" history of continuous occupation by empires. As empires continue to be a recurrent pattern in the history of Palestine, the question of God remains crucial, Christian understanding remains relevant, and the spiritual dimension of utmost important. This approach sheds a new light on the context of the biblical text within the context of imperial domination and it introduces a new perspective and culture for a “New Middle East”.


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We hope to see you in our Church and celebrate together!

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Welcome to Bible study this Friday (Nov. 29th) at 6 PM in the Church's Center!

Topic- the role of Church elders in the Bible.

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